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The World’s Most Enjoyable Airline

The World’s Most Enjoyable Air Service “Air travel can be exciting, enjoyable, adventurous, and a great way to make new friends.” Anyone who has ever flown for business or pleasure will find that statement faintly ridiculous. But then very few people have experienced the sheer enjoyment of discovering the interior of Sarawak and Sabah with the MASWings Rural Air Service. The Rural Air Service is one of the world’s last …Read More

Sarawak’s Shangri-La

Sarawak’s Shangri-La Where you cannot wisely carry a dragon jar, you cannot fairly call it a Kelabit way of going. Tom Harrisson, World Within The worst possible fate that can befall a Kelabit is petrification – being turned to stone. According to tradition, this can happen to individuals and even entire longhouse communities. The cause of such a terrifying catastrophe? Believe it or not, laughing at animals, the strictest taboo …Read More